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AHT20 thermometer driver

2022-01-30 18 min read making code
I wrote a new driver for the AHT20 temperature and humidity sensor in Rust. This is a continuation of my Barometer build article, where I re-use the lps25_pressure_sensor_demo project to add a temperature sensor on the with_aht20_sensor branch. I’m a complete novice at Rust and embedded programming. These projects are my attempts to learn more about both while having fun and making something useful. You can find the driver at: Continue reading

Barometer build

2021-12-26 11 min read making code
I put together a barometer, built around Adafruit’s LPS25 breakout board, the Blue Pill microcontroller, and a small 16x2 character LCD panel. It was a learning project, and all of it was written in Rust. The finished project is a tangle of wires on a breadboard, and the error handling is minimal, but I definitely have a barometer with an LCD readout. You can get the code in my lps25_pressure_sensor_demo github repo. Continue reading

Ear defender headphone build

2019-09-07 10 min read making
I work in a very noisy open plan office, which makes it hard to focus. To solve the problem, and still let me listen to some music, I made these noise blocking headphones. They’re built from heavy-duty Peltor ear defenders, usually worn in industrial settings to block harmful noise levels from damaging your hearing. I’d like to show you how I made them, so that you can do the same. Here’s a picture of what they look like: Continue reading